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Torrita: History, Art, Landscape

Torrita: History, Art, Landscape, is a yearly journal published (in Italian) by the Cultural Association Fra' Jacopo da Torrita that conducts research on local history from 1973, the Chief Editor of the review is Alessando Angiolini, journalist and writer, who deals with the local history.
The journal aims to publish the historical, archaeological, and cultural studies carried out on the local region and draw the attention of scholars and people on the history of the Community.

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N. 1, March 2010

Giorgio Bastreghi, A journal for Torrita

Gianfranco Censini, Torrita. Geology and landscape

Cynthia Mascione, "The past became a visible future"

Felicia Rotundo, The Abbey of Holy Mary in Follonica. With a virtual reconstruction of Silvano Micheli and Danilo Davitti

Mario De Gregorio, Sienese territory in the seventeenth century

A Torrita, "Viva Maria" in Torrita. Documents found by Mauro Goracci and transcribed by Neda Mechini

Ferdinando Semboloni, The church of "Madonna della Pace": the renewal of the urban area preprint (in Italian) (2.6 Mb)

N. 2, March 2011

Mario De Gregorio, Making memory

Ferdinando Semboloni, The “Cappella di piazza” in Torrita preprint (in Italian) (1.3 Mb)

Barbara Fratta, Pietro Micheli from Torrita (1685-1750). The caricatures and paintings

Giorgio Bastreghi, The malaria in the region of Torrita

Alessandro Angiolini, 1849, Garibaldi in Torrita

Ferdinando Semboloni, An image for Santa Flora

N. 3, July 2012

Sante Bazzoni, Suddenly: the Roman road

Monica Salvini, Torrita di Siena. Discovery of an ancient Roman road

Ivo Biagianti, From swamp to sharecropping. The old farm of Torrita in Valdichiana

Elisabetta Cioppi, The mastodon of Montefollonico

Giuseppe Baldassarri, Description of an extraordinary fossil jaw found in the territory of Siena

Elisabetta Miraldi, Sara Ferri, Biagio Bartalini, a scientist from Torrita (1750-1822)