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Main scientific interests include urban and regional dynamic and the optimization of the spatial planning. This researches have been developed by using methods of complex dynamic system theory. These methods include cellular automata (regular, 2 and 3-D and irregular by using Voronoi polygons), coupled map lattices for the studying of the spatio-temporal systems and multi-agents systems. The spatial planning of the urban systems has bees studied by using heuristic methods of optimization such as simulated annealing. In addition scientific responsible is interested to the explanation of the power law (rank-size) in the cities organization and he is member of the CSDC (Center for the study of complex dynamics) of the University of Florence

Researches funded by EU

2009-...: ASSYST Complexity Portal of the Action for the Science of complex SYstems and Socially intelligent ICT

Research funded by Italian Ministry of University and Research

2005-2007: Analysis of gentrification and control of the urban real estate rehabilitation through a multi-level multi-agent model
2002-2005: A support decision system for bargained decisions by using a web-based interactive multi-agent urban model
1999-2001: Simulating land use and transport: a Coupled Map Lattice (CML) approach

Researches funded by University of Florence

2007: Urban hierarchies and Zipf's law
2006: Gentrification and rehabilitation of the urban real estate
2005: Analysis of gentrification phenomenon and control of the urban real estate rehabilitation through a multi-agent model
2004: A multi-agent model of the urban environmental dynamics
2002-2003: An optimization method for the urban planning
2001: A multi-agent urban model
2000: Identification and simulation of the dynamic of urban fabric
1999: A dynamic system of interactive urban centers
1998: Complexity in urban planning
1997: A model of urban development into a variable and irregular spatial pattern