The coats of arms, and colors of the Districts (Contrade) were used with the approval of the Consortium for the Protection of the Palio of Siena. Any other use or reproduction is prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Consortium.

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The model simulates the Palio horse race. The Palio was a complex event organized by the Municipality of Siena (see the official web site of the Palio:


Ten of the 17 districts in which the city is divided, run the race. The districts not running in the race are guaranteed a spot in the following race, in which three districts randomly selected are also included. The race is just three times around the square. Each jockey follows an ideal route and avoids the horses that are in front of him. A horse can fall. In this case, the horse remains idle for a variable number of steps, and then proceeds even without jockey. Its speed may be the same as it had previously, or much lower. The average velocity of the horses, due to fatigue, decreases with the number of laps. The winner is the one who comes in first after three laps.


To use the simulation press the four buttons in sequence. In the right side are shown the districts in the order in which they are found during the race.


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