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Course of Regional planning – 2010

The course's purpose is twofold. First to provide students with the basic knowledge of regional planning through the analysis of the existing regional plans, focusing on the methods utilized. Second to present methods and experiences for the promotion of a region (so called territorial marketing) through the attraction of outside investments, in the context of sustainable development. Students will be capable of analysing an existing plan and to prepare a project of the development of a region.

Course outline

The origins of regional planning
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  • Garden Cities
  • Land reclamation and the building of new towns
  • Hydroelectric power plants and electrification (USSR, USA: TVA)
  • Regional Plans of metropolitan areas, New York, 1924. Regional Science Association of America
  • Theories of regional spatial structure
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  • Economic base, economies of scale and agglomeration in the formation of cities
  • Systems of cities, interconnections among cities
  • Gravitational fluxes toward services and work-places
  • Urban specialization
  • Competition for land use: urban rent, spatial segregation
  • Planning theory: actors and resources
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  • Rational-synoptic
  • Bounded rationality
  • Incrementalist-pluralist
  • Mixed scanning
  • Garbage can model
  • Plans for the regional government in Italy
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  • Provincial Spatial Planning
  • Landscape Plan
  • River Basin Plan
  • Plans for the environmental protection and air quality, and for the disposal of solid waste
  • Examples of Provincial spatial plans
    The study of a region for the making of a sustainable development plan
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  • SWOT Analysis for the planning and development of the region
  • Scenarios planning for land use planning
  • Method for scenarios building. Definition of key variables and deductible consequences
  • Territorial Marketing
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  • The demand for the amenities of the region
  • Demands for the location of business and residences
  • Opportunities of development in the region
  • The project for the enhancement of the region
  • Students are requested to develop a project of territorial marketing for a region, following an established table of contents.